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Frikadeller – delicious Danish ‘meatbals’


Today it is one of my favorites I share with you. In Denmark frikadeller well are not really anything special – we’ve grown up with them, all have a relationship with them and all have a recipe for them. I am however a little unsure if there are many in my generation who hold fast to this delicious tradition to eat ?? Or if it has been unfashionable ??

After I moved to Norway in 1995, my desire for Danish food grown larger and larger. Not because the Norwegian food is not good for me, but because I probably appreciate a part of the Danish tradition to eat more, now that I’ve gotten some distance.

This portion provides 12 pieces. depending on size.

400 gr.  minced pork
2 eggs
1.5 tbsp. flour
1 onion, grated or finely chopped
1-3 dl. cream
salt and pepper

Mix minced meat with onions, eggs and flour.
Put the  cream. Be careful here, the amount depends on the mix. Add  more flour if necessary.
Salt and pepper . You can at least have a couple of teaspoons. salt.
Molded by tablespoon.

Bake in margarine in pan.

Warm frikadeller:
With boiled potatoes and braun sauce or red cabbage.
With boiled potatoes and cabbage stowed.
With cold potato salad.
With potatoes and stowed peas-carrots.
With fried potatoes and salad.

Cold frikadeller:
Direct in to your mouth 🙂
In slices of rye bread with a little red cabbage and pickles on.

With cold potato salad.

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